Carson City Subaru Service Center Nevada

Subaru Certified Service, Maintenance and Repairs at Michael Hohl Subaru Serving Reno, NV

Nevada is a state of extremes. Temperatures can rise to 120° in one part of our great state, and plunge to -50° in another. Nevada is the driest state in the country, but our name means "snow-covered." We are the most mountainous state, behind Alaska, but we also have the Mojave Desert! So it makes perfect sense that we would want to drive Subaru cars and SUVs. When there is so much to see and do in this great state of ours, we want to explore it, see it, and do it - without getting stuck or stranded. We need something that does it all in a state that has it all. Subaru vehicles are known for being dependable, safe and fuel-efficient. A Subaru with Symmetrical All Wheel Drive is the most fuel-efficient AWD on the road, often more so than similar FWD models. An all-wheel drive Subaru with Traction Control, Vehicle Dynamics Control, advanced braking systems, and an IIHS rating of Top Safety Pick, will take us from desert to mountains without missing a beat. We can have the assurance that we won't get stranded in the scorching heat or in deep-freeze cold. We can also be sure that refueling pit stops won't put a big dent in our budget or keep us close to civilization if we want to get away.

Subaru vehicles are built to last. The company has focused all of its resources on seven award-winning models. Polk state that 95% of Subaru vehicles sold in the last 10 years are still on the road today. That high rate of longevity is the result of Subaru's precision engineering and advanced engine design. It is further ensured by using factory-trained and certified Subaru Service Technicians for all maintenance and repairs. Subaru works to maintain their stellar reputation for reliability and longevity by training Service Technicians to carry on the tradition of excellence.