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For drivers in Carson City, NV about to Tahoe, a Subaru makes plenty of sense as we enjoy the mountains and all the beauty our area has to offer, while getting a reliable everyday vehicle from a trusted brand. In order to keep your Subaru out on the road and performing at its best, routine services are needed at regular intervals. We're here to provide those services at Michael Hohl Subaru, giving those from all over the area to Truckee, Minden, South Lake, and Gardnerville a place to come for Subaru repairs.

We also want to make sure you know when you need your services. Following your owner's manual is always the best bet, but we've also compiled many of the most frequently asked Subaru service questions to help you!

When do I need an oil change?

Getting an oil change at regular intervals is smart. Most can go between 3,000 and 6,000 miles between oil changes depending on your driving habits. An oil change helps make sure your engine performs at its best, and there are indicators of when you should get your oil changed, including:

  • Manually checking your oil and seeing that the oil is low on the dipstick
  • You have an oil level warning light, or sometimes a check engine light on your instrument cluster illuminated
  • You hear clacking noises when the vehicle starts or when you accelerate

When should I get new tires?

Your tires are what keeps you going, and you should check your tires often. All you need to do is a quick inspection to make sure everything looks good, and feels good in terms of air pressure and tread. You'll also get indicators like the tire pressure warning light if your tires aren't inflated enough, and many people can easily go to an air pump to add more air, or you can bring it in and we can quickly do it for you.

For tire tread checks, if the tires look worn, you can take a coin and place it head down in the tread. If you're able to see the head of the president on the coin, that means you need new tires. Our team is here to help as we know the exact needs for Subaru vehicles and can connect you with the right tires.

To combat tire tread, you should get a tire rotation roughly every six months, as that helps evenly distribute tread and keeps your tires lasting longer.

When do I need my battery replaced?

When your vehicle is having a tough time starting up, especially if it's often in the colder winter months, that's a good sign you'll need to replace your battery. We can perform battery checks to let you know if your battery power is sufficient, and make sure you get the right battery replacement as we house many batteries made just for Subaru vehicles in our parts center, and can install it for you.

When do I need brake repair?

The most common brake repair needs are either brake fluid, brake pads, or brake rotors. If you're low on brake fluid, you should see your brake warning light come on, and we can get your brake fluid refilled in our service center. If you're hearing or feeling the following warning signs, it might mean you need brake pad and/or rotor replacement:

  • A squeaking or squealing noise every time you brake
  • A pulsating feeling when you apply your brake pedal
  • Your stopping power is not as strong as it used to be

You can also sometimes visually see if there's any wear on the brake pads if you know where to look and your rotors are sometimes visible through your wheels, so if those look like they're not in ideal shape, that's also a sign. Of course, we can easily get you new brake pads and rotors for your Subaru so you have the braking power you need to stay safe.

When should I get a wheel alignment

Alignments should generally be done every six months to a year depending on your driving habits and the roads you're driving. This realigns the suspension so your tires are connecting with the road properly for a smoother ride that isn't off balance. Signs that you need an alignment include your vehicle being jerked in another direction or having to steer harder to stay in a straight line, or you've notice a potential fuel economy dip.

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