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Here's How the Subaru Forester Stacks Up Against the Competition

There's no doubt about it; the Subaru Forester is a durable and spacious vehicle. When looking for a new car, it's one you know you can trust. It's almost a no-brainer for car buyers near South Lake Tahoe when you also include Subaru Forester's many technology features.

But, is the perfect car for you? Or, are there maybe others you should consider? Here at Michael Hohl Subaru in Carson City, we are confident that you will love everything about the Subaru Forester. But let us fill you in on how it stacks up against the competition.

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Subaru Forester vs. Honda CR-V

  • Navigating Minden may be easy for you, but what about other cities and states? Technology plays a big role in how many of us choose our next car. The Subaru Forester and Honda CR-V both include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But, only the Subaru Forester includes it as a standard feature. The Honda CR-V offers it as an available feature.
  • Safety is a top priority for most drivers and passengers. We all want to get into the car with some level of trust. The Subaru Forester includes safety features, such as the LED steering responsive headlights. These headlights help drivers see the road with ease no matter what twist and turn they make. On the other hand, the Honda CR-V does not include this feature in its latest update.
  • If you plan on driving through rough terrain, you might need something with a Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. This feature is one the Subaru Forester has, helping drivers navigate the worst weather and the bumpiest roads. The Honda CR-V also offers All-Wheel Drive, but having the feature costs drivers more. But, it does have a standard front-wheel drive as a baseline feature.

Subaru Forester vs. Toyota RAV4

  • The Subaru Forester has a Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive as a standard for its latest models. Regardless of what model you choose, you have peace of mind that it can take you anywhere you want to go. In contrast, the Toyota RAV4 does not include the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive option for all models. It does, however, have Front-Wheel Drive as a standard.
  • While the drive is a critical part of picking a car, the exterior and interior matter, too. The Subaru Forester boasts many colors for all models on the exterior. You can also customize the interior with your choice of cloth or leather, with color options for both. The choice is yours when it comes to the car's look. The Toyota RAV4 also offers many color choices for the car's exterior, offering more bold colors than the Subaru Forester. But, the interior does not have leather options for every model and is limited with colors.
  • Both vehicles provide unique safety features. The Subaru Forester offers All-Around Awareness for optimal safety. This feature includes the Rear-Vision Camera, a standard for all models. The Toyota RAV4 also includes safety features in the Backup Camera, but only for one model and only as part of an option package.

Subaru Forester vs. Ford Escape

  • If comfort matters to you, then you likely need a vehicle that allows you to get around Truckee without being too cold or too hot. The Subaru Forester offers automatic climate control systems, while the Ford Escape has manual climate control systems. One automatically controls the temperature in the car, while the other requires you to do so.
  • When it comes to having Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive as a feature, Subaru Forester has you covered. Wherever your final destination is near Gardenerville, the Subaru Forester will get you there smoothly. The Ford Escape also offers All-Wheel Drive for its models, although not as a standard feature. The other difference is that the Subaru Forester automatically has Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive on, while the Ford Escape requires you to enable or disable the feature.
  • If you are someone who enjoys road trips or drives frequently, then how spacious your vehicle is might be a make or break factor. The Subaru Forester offers excellent passenger and cargo space. You and your passengers can ride comfortably. The Ford Escape also has space for you and your passengers, but less than what the Subaru Forester offers. The passenger volume for the Subaru Forester is 111.9 cubic feet, while it's at 104 cubic feet for the Ford Escape.

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