Car Loan & Subaru Lease in Carson City NV


A Customer's Guide to Subaru Leases & Car Loans at Michael Hohl Subaru in Carson City NV

If you are looking to drive home in a pre-owned or new Subaru model here in the Carson City, NV region, then the professionals in our finance center are here to help make the lease or loan process harmless and simple.

Many believe that securing a car loan or signing a lease is an arduous process, but here at Michael Hohl Subaru we pride ourselves in altering the perception of these processes.  Take a look below to see the simple steps of how you can easily get the financial process finished so you can drive home happy:

  1. The Initial Decision is Simply Weighing Your Options:
  2. The first step is to decide whether you want to loan or lease your model here in Carson City.  Each has its own benefits, as a lease makes more sense if you foresee trading in your ride in the near future and not putting miles on it with long trips. On the other hand, loans are perfect for people who plan on racking up the miles and wish to build equity in a vehicle, holding onto it for years to come.

    Moreover, every month we offer differing Subaruincentive's revolving around both leases and loans, so while financing outside of the dealership is always an option it may not always deliver the best deal.

  3. Shaping Your Rate:
  4. Moving on to the next step, our professional staff will determine the rate we can offer you.  This all hedges on your credit score, so you will need to provide us with identification like your social and driver's license, and while it definitely helps to have a high score we have experience dealing with both ends of the spectrum.  After we securely run your information your rate will be generated from the resulting credit analysis, and if by chance you have a stellar score you could be eligible for 0% financing when it is being offered by Subaru.

  5. What About Warranties and Add-Ons?
  6. Warranties are offered with nearly all of our vehicles, and during this finance process we can discuss the possibility extending these plans.  While extending a warranty may not be for everyone out there, they are beneficial for people who treat their rides in a certain manner.  We can discuss your intentions to make sure you are a good candidate for one of these plans, and if you are not, you have no need to extend the warranty that is already in place.

  7. Review the Contract and Sign on the Dotted Line


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