At Michael Hohl Subaru, your safety and the integrity of your Subaru is important to us, just as it is to the automaker. The reputation for being safe and reliable vehicles has been earned by providing drivers with quality options for many years. That's why when there is a documented vehicle safety issue that needs to be addressed, Subaru issues a recall. If you happen to get a recall notice, we're here to perform the repair to correct it in Carson City, Tahoe and beyond.

The Subaru recall notices can be searched in our directory using your VIN on your Subaru vehicle to find out if you have any recalls that need attention. You should get a notice from Subaru directly in the mail or emailed to you letting you know that your vehicle specifically has been recalled for a safety issue. You can schedule an appointment with us to get it fixed, and the repair is free of charge. These recalls are important because you need to have the updated part or repair in order to keep your vehicle safe, and it's part of Subaru's efforts to make sure you continue to have a long lasting drive in your vehicle.

For drivers in Minden, South Lake, Tahoe, Truckee and Gardnerville, you can have your vehicle service and have any Subaru recalls repaired in our Carson City showroom. Our service centers are the only authorized place where these recalls can be fixed, so it's important that you get them done as soon as possible. Our service center is currently open and we're taking every precaution including contactless pickup and drop off of your vehicle while our team is making sure we're healthy and our work stations are staying clean. Contact us to get started today.

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