As much as you enjoy driving your old car, it has too much mileage and maintenance to keep. Selling the car to our dealership becomes an option, and so does trading-in the vehicle. Michael Hohl Subaru awaits you and your old car, truck, or SUV. Work with our team to get a reasonable deal on your old car.

Best of all, use the opportunity to purchase a new Subaru. Subaru manufactures several excellent sedans, sports cars, and SUVs. The story of your old car may now conclude, but a new chapter of Subaru ownership could begin.

Private Seller Woes

Sure, you could "just" sell the old car to someone in the neighborhood. Publishing an online listing won't be too difficult. The trouble is, once you place that advertisement, the difficulties could begin.

Would-be private buyers might end up not making a purchase, even after tying up your morning to check out the car. Some may prove problematic during price negotiations. Others could continue to bother you with "vehicle issues" long after completing the sale. Why go through these hassles? Our Subaru dealership in Carson City buys cars all the time. We run a professional shop that puts customer service above all.

Figuring Out the Value

We use a fair model to determine the purchase or trade-in price of the vehicle. Prices vary depending on make, model, year, along with vehicle-specific traits. A car with 75,000 on the odometer usually has more value than the same make and model with 90,000 miles. Of course, condition and vehicle maintenance history also factor into the price.

Feel free to discuss an appropriate sale price with our team. Once everyone agrees, we'll issue payment and handle the paperwork.

The Trade-In Option

If you want to buy a new Subaru, you can use your old vehicle as a trade-in. That way, the sales price serves as a down payment on the new model. Lower your monthly auto loan payments and get a great deal on that new Subaru this week.

Test Drives and More

Why not test drive a Subaru at our dealership? Discuss trade-ins and more while you're here.

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