Is Your Subaru Ready For Winter?

If there is one thing that Subaru is well-known for among Carson City drivers is their reliable and commanding performance in challenging winter conditions. Thanks to the Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system your Subaru Outback, WRX or Impreza is equipped to take on the storm and get you home safely. Even with the best all-wheel-drive system on the road a stop by our service center for a winter tune-up will go a long way.

What are a few services that your Subaru may need this winter to continue to perform at its best?

  • Oil Change: Having your oil changed regularly keeps your BOXER engine running smoothly and efficiently which is always important.
  • Brakes: Do you feel a vibration when you step on the brakes? Or even worse, an awful grinding noise. It is most likely time to replace your brakes and while this is always an important service. It is extra important when the roads are covered in snow and slippery.
  • Battery: There is nothing worse than going out to start your car on freezing cold morning to discover that the battery is dead. Our service technicians can check your battery levels to make sure that it has enough juice to get through the winter. And if it doesn't, we can easily replace it for you.
  • Wiper Blades & Fluids: Visibility is vital, especially when it is snowing and water from the road is spraying up on your windshield. Make sure that your wiper blades are in good condition to properly clear the window and that you have enough fluid to clean the window.

Have other questions about what winter service items your Subaru may need? Check out our winter service FAQ page for more information. To schedule a service appointment just give us a call or make an appointment online. And don't forget to see what parts and service specials we are running to help South Lake Tahoe drivers save money here at Michael Hohl Subaru.

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