2018 BRZ for Sale in Carson City

The 2018 BRZ for Sale in Carson City is one of the newest vehicles we have to offer here at Michael Hohl Subaru. We recommend this vehicle to drivers craving excellent driving performance features and a driver-oriented experience. Take some time to contact our dealership today so that you can learn more!

2018 BRZ for Sale Excellent Driving Performance Features

Drivers behind the wheel of a 2018 BRZ for Sale in Carson City will love all of the awesome driving features. Anyone that wants a thrilling on-road experience should definitely check out the BRZ. For instance, the available Brembo® brakes are integrated into the 2018 Subaru BRZ. The lightweight BRZ will stop on a dime thanks to these premier brakes. Thus, when you are driving to work, and it is raining you can rely on the BRZ to come to a complete stop without skidding or sliding.

The suspension of the BRZ is built for optimal handling and control out on the open road. The SACHS® performance suspension is one of the bests suspension systems out on the market. Thus, the lightweight BRZ is able to hit tight corners and turns with great handling and control. The BRZ will provide better handling, response, stability, and an overall better ride quality. So, drivers that crave a premier driving experience will love the 2018 BRZ. Plus, this vehicle boasts a driver-oriented experience that will put you first!

2018 BRZ Driver-Oriented Experience in Carson City

Do you want to be at the center of your vehicle’s design? If so, then you need to check out the 2018 BRZ for Sale in Carson City. The BRZ is built to be as lightweight as possible which enhances responses and enhances the overall handling as well.

The BRZ can potentially offer a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifts. This combines together the simplicity of automatic transmission with the actual thrill of race-style gear shifting. So, drivers that want the best of both worlds will truly love the 2018 Subaru BRZ! 

Here at Michael Hohl Subaru, we are ready to help you get behind the wheel of a 2018 BRZ for Sale in Carson City. Not only do we have great deals to offer but we also have a talented team that will provide you with a pleasurable customer service experience. Call us up at 877-496-0081 to preview our deals or visit us in person at 2910 South Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada 89701.

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